Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 15th July 2022 Promo Alert: Preeta Slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 15th July 2022

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 15th July 2022 Promo Alert: the makers of the show are coming up with interesting twists in the upcoming episodes.

A promo has been released on YouTube and it is going viral. In the promo Karan decides to do the announcement at 9:30. And he decides to take revenge now.

He goes on the stage and announces to everyone that now he is going to tell the story to everyone that no one knows. He tells that he will now show how Karan died.

Arjun tells that he will now tell everyone what is the truth behind the death of Karan. The Luthra’s get shocked hearing this and they start thinking that why is he doing all this.

Preeta and Rishabh also get surprised to hear this. Preeta feels bad and she also gets angry on the addition for his behavior. Arjun starts with the drama.

A boy comes wearing the Mask Of Karan representing Karan and a girl comes wearing The Mask of Preeta representing Preeta. And they dance together in the similar way that Karan and Preeta dance for the last time.

After seeing this Preeta stands shocked she gets frozen seeing all these happening in front of her eyes. Arjun comes from behind and tells that he loved her so much and she betrayed him.

But before she could turn around he goes from there. Preeta starts feeling uncomfortable over there and she decides to go away from there unable to tolerate all these things.

Then after some time Arjun comes in front of Preeta and holds her hand and does not allow her to leave. preeta gets angry she turns around and slaps him in front of everyone.

Will Arjun tell the truth to everyone that he is Karan?

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