Anupama 18th July 2022 Spoiler Alert: Kinjal gets upset, and Anupama makes her understand


Kavya makes vanraj understand that when Anuj Anupama has taken some decision there must be some reason behind them and they both must have thought about that.

She tells him to keep quiet and to stay calm. Anu stills Anupama to go inside the room and then she should make her children understand about the fact what happened.

Anuj tells Anupama to sent Anu. Kavya says that she will take care of Anu and she will be going with Anupama. Anupama feels good after hearing that Kavya is trying to help her.

Kavya then tells Anupama that she has never told this thing to her but the thing is that and the truth is that she has always been inspired by her.

Kavya goes to meet anu and she tells her that she will make some chocolate milk for her. Anupama goes to make her children understand that why she has adopted the child.

Anupama holds the hand of Paritosh, Pakhi and samar and tells them that they should listen to her first and then they should decide. But Paritosh removes his hand.

Anupama tell him that he should not remove his hand he can tell her what he wants but he should not remove his hand. Paritosh says that she is a mother of many child now and it can happen that one or two of them goes away from her.

Anupama gets hurt hearing this. Paritosh tells Anupama that when Anu came and called her his mother then he filled a bit awkward over there. Samar also tell her that the same thing happened with him when anu called her mother.

Pakhi tells them to tell clearly to Anupama that both of them were feeling jealous.Kavya feed the chocolate shake to Anu. Anu tells Kavya that she didn’t have it before.

Kavya tells her that she should not worry because her mother Anupama makes the chocolate milk tastier than this. Kavya tells Kinjal that she knows that she is worried about her own child.

Kinjal says to Kavya that what if Anupama will not be able to manage as Anu is a kid.she is not as good as Anupama but will help her in raising her baby.

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