Hotstar Anupama Ep 631-16th July 2022:Kavya and the shah’s meet Anu

Leela starts shouting she tells that it is the age of Anupama to become a grandmother and now she has become a parent she says that she can understand what is she doing and why she doing.

The bell rings everyone thinks that who have come at late night. Pakhi tells that she forgot to tell them that Adhik has told her that Anuj and Anupama is coming to introduce the new child.


Vanraj goes and opens the door. Anu introduces herself to vanraj you and hugs him she asks him whether he does not speak. Kavya loves it after hearing this.

Anu asks Anupama whether she can get into the house. Anupama gives her permission to get into the house. Anupama and Anuj enters the house.Vanraj tells both of them that are they mad.

He asks them that why did they do all this. Anupama goes inside and introduces Anu to Hasmukh, She Goes and touches his feet and take the blessings from him.

He gets motion and bless her. Hasmukh tell that today he is proud of Anuj and Anupama.Anu tells that why are they speaking like elders because she can’t understand anything.

Hasmukh says that he also does not like all this talk Jignesh also introduces himself and bless her. Leela gets angry and she goes away from there and stands beside the dinner table.

Anupama then introduces Anu to samar, pakhi and Paritosh. Everyone feels awkward in this situation. Pakhi and samar goes and meet her and introduce themselves.

Anu asks Anupama whether she can see it on the Swing. Anupama gives her permission She Goes running towards it. Kinjal gets heart Leela tells that it is not easy to have a child.

She says that they have to take care of everyone because Kinjal is also pregnant Anupama makes anu understand that there is a little baby because Kinjal is pregnant.

Anu goes and tells sorry to the baby and then all the children goes inside along with Kinjal.Vanraj tells Anuj that they should have informed them before taking this decision.

Anuj tells him that he will never take permission from anyone before doing something for his daughter. He says that he has become a father but the fact is Anupama have to take care of anu.

Anupama says that no outsider have to think about her because her husband is there for taking care of her. She also tells him that from now he should not speak when Anuj and she is speaking.

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