Anupamaa New Update: Anupama feels afraid about Pakhi’s relationship with Adhik

Anupamaa written update July 6 2022:Pakhi and adhik both agree that they like each other a lot. And both their families get shocked.


Vanraj gets angry and shouts at Kapadia and tells that adhik is not good and he needs to stay away from his daughter. Barkha shouts at vanraj and asks him to behave.

Anuj stops them and tells them that first, he would like to know what happened. Anu keeps quiet. Vanraj says that he will not allow all this in his house.

Anupama tells the Kapadia to leave from there and go home. Vanraj blames anu for the incident. Anupama gets afraid thinking about the relation between adhik and pakhi.

Leela and Vanraj start disgracing Adhik even more but Pakhi defends him. On the other hand, Samar tries to make pakhi understand but she tells Samar to leave.

Vanraj tells anuj to take anupama home:

Anuj come sto take anupama.Vanraj tells anu that she is the bridge between both the families and now he wants to break it.

Anuj hears the conversation vanraj tells anuj to take Anupama from there. Anu tells that she will first meet her daughter and then she will leave from there.

What will happen now?

Will continue to meet pakhi ?

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