Zee TV Kundali Bhagya :WHAT! Arjun misbehaves with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun goes to the bar counter and starts drinking. Rakhi comes over there and asks him that why is he so angry always. He asks whether all of them are going back home or not.

Rakhi tell that no one is going back home and everyone will be staying over there for the exhibition. Arjun does not say anything and goes away from there.

But he meets Mahesh and accidentally he hugs him. Mahesh asks rakhi that what is going on and what happened to Arjun suddenly.

Rakhi says that she does not know that what is going over there. Anjali asks Arjun whether everything is ok or not she asks him that why is he crying.

Arjun says that today his whole family is over there but still everyone is thinking that he is an unknown person and he can meet everyone freely.

He says that everything has happened due to Preeta and now he is going to take revenge and he will not leave her. Arjun goes to Preeta and asks her to dance with him.

Preeta feels awkward and she does not say anything but the family members come over there and insist her to dance with origin at least for the fans.

Preeta and Arjun starts dancing while dancing Preetha remembers about the dance steps of Karan And Preeta gets emotional. While dancing Arjun asks Preeta whether she has ever danced with Karan like this.

She gets angry on him and slap him in front of everyone Rishabh comes over there and ask what is going on over there and why she is angry on him.

Preeta tells that while they were dancing origin misbehaved with him first of all he was dancing in a weird manner. And second of all he was asking personal questions to her.

Rishabh gets angry on Arjun and asks him why is he misbehaving with everyone he gets angry on him. He tells that he does not deserve his belongings of Karan.

Rakhi also tells him that in this case, she is also angry with him because preeta is telling him something is wrong that mean something is wrong and the whole family goes away from there.

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