Kundali Bhagya today 13th June (Monday) Spoiler Alert

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Kundali Bhagya today: Mahesh tells that there is only one way out. He says that Rishabh must marry Preeta.

Preeta runs away from there Rishabh says that they should not tell all this in front of her because she is broken at the moment.

Preeta goes inside the room and locked the room from outside everyone gets scared. Sameer and Rushabh breaks the door and gets inside the room.

Rishabh tell her that no one will take the place of Karan in her life. After all this everyone starts remembering Karan and gets emotional.

Mahesh goes to see Rishabh. Rishabh tells sorry to him he says that he should not speak to him like that. Rakhi makes Preetha understand.

She makes Preeta understand that she can’t leave me alone. She says that both of her son love her very much but when there is some problem then never tell her.

Because she is some other and she will worry about them. She says that both of her son’s discuss the problems with their father.

She says that father gives strength to children. She tells Preetha that every children get the love of they are father.

Rakhi and Janki both makes her understand that she can’t leave alone. Both of them tries to make her that she should tie the Knot with Rishabh.

#trending | Kundali Bhagya “New Twist”: Will preeta agree to marry Rishab?

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