Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi 28th January 2022:New Begining! Rishi and Lakshmi move on in their lives

bhagya lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th January 2022:Rano shouts at Lakshmi for not taking the money from rishi. She asks why she left rishi.

She says that no a day’s affairs are very common. On the other hand, Rishi gets angry with himself and then her mess up his room.

Lakshmi says Chachi is saying correct and you did correct by applying divorce Chachi but Asking money is wrong. 

Rano tells that she can’t afford to make the living. She asks how will she take care of her and her sisters because she doesn’t have enough money.

She tells her to pay her money. She tells that she will give rano money. Rishi gets a message from malishka asking whether he will come to her or not.

He tells himself that he has sacrificed enough and now he will move on. Darshan calls Lakshmi Rano attends the call thinking it’s Lawyer but itโ€™s Darshan and he asks her for Lakshmi.

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Rano asks Lakshmi to answer the call. Darshan asks her if she is ready to work in his jewelry shop. She agrees to work.

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