Bhagya Lakshmi 15th November 2021 : Rishi loves malishka

bhagya laxmi

The episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi to eat some sweet. He says that she was feeling weak and she should have this sweet then she will be feeling ok.

Malishka sees all these and gets angry. She goes and says that she wants something that is different in this Diwali. She says that this Diwali they can’t burn the firecrackers.

She says that she wants to dance She Goes towards Rishi and he thinks that maybe she will be asking him to dance with her.

But she asks Viraj to dance with her both of them starts dancing. On the other hand Shalu and Aayush speaks to each other.

Neha interrupts in between all of them starts arguing. Aayush ask neha that doesn’t she know that he is very good Neha says that he is very good.

On the other hand he she finds Malishka dancing with Viraj and he gets angry. After sometime Ayush , Shalu and Neha falls down.

Ayush and Shalu gets close to each other and Neha gets close to the servant. Saying this Ayush’s chachi comes and asks that what is going on.

He says nothing and he and Shalu leaves from there. On the other hand Malishka finish her dance. Rishi holds her hand and takes her to the room and asks her what was she doing over there.

Rishi asks that he knows very well that Malishka loves him and to show him she was dancing with Viraj. Rishi tells that she knows very well that he was never comfortable with Viraj from the beginning.

On the other hand Rishi’s mother asks Lakshmi to call him. Viraj asks that whether he can join Lakshmi or not because he is also finding Malishka.

Shalu eats, Aayush goes to speak to Shalu and both of them start fighting again. Neha calls Ayush and ask him to come to the kitchen.

Neha makes a plan to get close to Aayush, Shalu asks that whether Neha has called him or not. On the other hand Lakshmi opens the door and finds no one in the room.

Viraj asks her how is her relation with Rishi, she does not say anything about the question Virat says that he understood that there is no love in their relation.

Virat says that he has heard that this happens quite often in this country, Lakshmi says that he has here the truth it happens quite often.

Lakshmi says that but after the marriage the wife starts loving the husband, Viraj asks her to speak about herself. Lakshmi says that she started loving Rishi not after the marriage but when she was marrying him from that time.

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