Zee TV Meet Upcoming Story:Meet ke saamne aa gaya hai Manushi ka sach

Zee TV Meet Upcoming Story: serial meet is gearing up for a new twist in its upcoming episode. The viewers of the show are very excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episode.


A promo has been released on YouTube. In the promo, it is been seen that meet rides the bike around Manushi.

Then she goes up to Manushi and tells her that she has got to know the truth about her. Manoj says that when she has got to know the truth then she also knew that she will be taking her husband from her.

Meet loves and tells her that that will be never possible because she will be never giving her husband to anyone else.

She finds that Manushi is holding a picture of her and meet ahlawat. She takes the picture from her hand and tears the picture.

In the upcoming episode, it will be very interesting to know what will be happening. How will Manushi react when she will get to know that her sister has got to know the truth?

Source-Instagram/Zee TV

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