Bhagya Lakshmi Serial-19th January 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Serial: Rano hugs Lakshmi and tells her that she is sorry for her past behavior. She tells that she prepared curry for her then she asks Bani and Shalu to arrange the food on the table.

She asks her how is the food she tells that it is good. Rishi and Ayush return home and he asks Dadi how is she. She tells that she is ok.

Dadi tells him to get fresh. Sonia says Rishi needs to know about it. Karishma tells him that rano came there. Rishi tells that if Lakshmi wants to return she can.

He says that he will take care of her. Karishma says Lakshmi wants Alimony. He tells that it is not possible because she does not even want to see his face.

Rishi gets angry when Sonia says that Middle-class girls need Alimony, he asks her to stop telling those things about Lakshmi.

He says that Lakshmi is still his wife and he won’t listen to anything bad about her, he goes from there. Aayush asks Rishi whether he is hurt.

Rishi tells yes he says that he is only hurt because of himself he says that he used to love hearing to sleep things the Lakshmi used to tell him.

Rishi tells that Lakshmi always removed all his tension. He tells Ayush that we never got to know that when he fell in love with Lakshmi.

Rano tells Lakshmi that if she does not want to go back to the house she can give a divorce to Rishi. Lakshmi feels dizzy Pritam and bani supports her

On the other hand, Rishi tells Ayush she deserves it and Rishi tells how Lakshmi used to make him sleep by massaging his hair.

Lakshmi assures Preetam she is fine. Pritam says that he knows the truth but still he can’t do anything. Lakshmi says that they are together which is the best thing.

Pritam tells Rano that she should be careful never to tell Lakshmi about the words. She says that she is trying to take place of Lakshmi’s mother.

He says that he knows very well that she is doing all this only for the alimony. Rano thinks she will make them get divorced.

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