Ghum hai kisikey Pyaar Mein spoiler: Sai surprised to see Virat’s concern for Shruti

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin spoiler: Sai thinks that Virat is so much attached towards shruti that he is afraid of the operation and so he is not signing the consent.

Sai tells that everything will be ok and she will be absolutely fine. She tells that doctor Pulkit will be managing the operation and he is one of the best surgeons in Nagpur.

Virat signs the consent and comes out of the cabin he starts crying thinking that Sai is misunderstanding him and he can do nothing.

Sai also breaks down thinking that Virat has betrayed her. Pulkit asks Sai to back off from the operation but she says that it is her first surgery.

She says that she won’t let it go from her hands and she will take the opportunity, she says that she wants to be a doctor and she will not leave for an operation.

She starts with the operation and later she informs Virat that Shruti’s condition is critical due to blood loss. She finds the same tension in Virat’s eyes that he used to have for her.

Sai gets upset seeing the same concern and care in Virat’s eyes for Shruti. Virat returns home Ninad scolds him for his behavior.

He raises questions about him for his Extramarital affair. Bhawani also asks him how can he do all this when he is already married.

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