Kundali Bhagya – January 19, 2022 Episode Update: Preeta makes a Grand Entry

Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2022

Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2022: Preeta shows the presentation to everyone. She says that their project will be one of the largest and best projects.

She tells that everyone will be able to afford their project. Everyone gets happy after listening to this and starts clapping.

Karan looks at Preeta the Police say that preeta is very intelligent he says that he knows that. Sameer also says that she has been very intelligent to take in all the property from Prithvi.

Karan feels very happy but he avoids showing his emotions to everyone that he has for Preeta. The Police say that Preeta is absolutely ok now and she does not have any tension.

The Police say that if he wants them to speak to her they can. Karan tells them that there is no need to speak to her. Preeta speaks with investors and other businessmen.

Karan looks at Preeta and both of them feel good Kritika asks Kareena to see that Karan is looking at Preeta. On the other hand, Sherlyn leaves from there.

She was thinking where is Prithvi. Kareena meets Shrishti and starts taunting them. She says that there is not one single occasion in the Luthra house where the Arora sister does not come.

Shristi leaves from there. Kareena and Kritika get shocked to see the attitude. Sherlyn tells Natasha that they have to find out Prithvi.

She thinks that what preeta has done with him, she worries about Prithvi and tells that it was one of the most important days of Prithvi’s life and he missed it.

She meets Nagre and asks what is going on,nagre tells them how Shristi made Prithvi unconscious, and then Preeta warned him to support her.

Sherlyn gets shocked hearing this she asks whether Prithvi is ok. Nagre tells that Prithvi is absolutely ok his only unconscious.

He asks her to stay away from preeta because she is very dangerous. Sherlyn tells that he does not know how much dangerous is she.

She says that Preeta used to be afraid of her, before and now she will destroy her. On the other hand Srishti things about Sameer.

Sameer comes to the kitchen to speak to Srishti, she tries to behave rudely with him. Sameer feels bad and leaves from there.

Rakhi comes to the kitchen and gets emotional finding Srishti over there she hugs her, she says that after a lot of days it feels like the family is together.

Srishti tries to behave rudely with her and she says that she was leaving from there. Rakhi speaks to jhanki. Janki remembers that preeta has told her to behave properly to Rakhi.

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