Anupama 24 January 2022 Promosode update


Anupama 24 January 2022 Promosode update: Anupama and the whole family celebrates Sankranthi. The family dance together.

While dancing Malvika loses her balance and is about to fall when vanraj saves her both of them comes close to each other.

Anupama watches all these. After this Anupama and vanraj decide to compete in flying kite.Vanraj tells Malvika that they need not to worry because he will win.

He says that the game is now in his hand and no one can win it other than him. Anupama tells the game may be in his hand but the person playing the game is not in his hand.

While flying the kite suddenly someone comes and cuts the thread of the kite that vanraj is flying. Everyone gets shocked to see that it is no one but Kavya.

In the latest track it is seen that Anupama tells Pakhi that she will not be going to USA. Anupama ask her that what is her aim in life.

She keeps quiet and Anupama explains that everyone must have a aim in life. She explains that samar was not a good student but he knew what he wanted to do.

Anupama also give the example of Paritosh she says that Paritosh always knew what he wants to do. She tells that once she makes aim in life then she will give her best to fulfill her dream.

Hasmukh tells that they should start playing the game and discuss about this matter later on. Everyone does the Aarti. And then everyone goes to the field to fly the kite.

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Anupama finds that samar is upset and he is not happy she says that if he is missing Nandini then he can go and call her. Anupama asks him to do whatever he feels like.

He says that he has already invited her and if she wants to come she will come. Anupama says that if he feels that he needs her then he should go and call her.

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Then everyone chooses their partner.Vanraj finds that his paper is blank so he chooses another paper without informing anyone. But Anupama gets to know that he is cheating in the game.

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