Zee TV Meet 15th-22nd January 2022 Weekly Update


Zee TV Meet 15th-22nd January 2022 Weekly Update: Manushi tries to get close with meet he starts feeling uncomfortable he tries to reach his wife meet.

Later meet ahlawat speaks to meet and tells that when Manushi comes near him he is affected by it. She says that she had asked him whether he can stay there or not and he gave permission.

He says that he knows it but now he is being affected by the presence of Manushi.Meet tell him that he continued his life like this she explains to him that he have to become his past.

She explains how she took the responsibility of the full family after her father passed away. She says that she could not complete education.[Also watch | Bigg Boss 15 22nd January 2022 Mithun Chakraborty And Salman Khan Masti]

Meet ahlawat understands what his wife is telling and he says that now you will not find anything affect him. He overhears the conversation between his parents.

His parents also speak about the same matter. Rajvardhan and Babita discuss that they are now growing old and the the children should take care of them.

Meet ahlawat goes to them and tells that he has mistaken and the thing that he has done the last night was very bad. He says that now he will not behave like that anymore.

Later on they get a call from a police officer where they get to know that they have found a man dead and the last dial number in his phone is of the ahlawat house.

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In the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet ahlawat tells his wife that now it is time for her to go to the college and complete her education.

He says that she could not complete her depression due to their responsibilities but now she can. Meet gets happy seeing that her husband is taking so much care of her.

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