Anupama 27th December 2021 Promosode Update: Will Anuj and Anupama get married?

rupali ganguly

Anupama episode 27 December 2021 : in the upcoming episode of serial Anupama it will be seen that Anuj Anupama that it would have been good if Malvika would have been with him. He will say that he could have helped her in the business if she would of been with him.

Hearing this Anupama will ask whether he is feeling that choose the wrong partner for business. High voltage is going on in Star Plus serial Anupama. In the latest episodes of serial Anupama It is seen that Malvika returns to India. And later on everyone gets to know that she is Anuj’s younger sister.

Vanraj introduces Malvika to everyone and tells that she is the business partner. Anupama gets upset because Anuj has not told her about Malvika. Anuj tells Anupama that actually he wanted to tell Anupama about Malvika but never got the chance.

Later on Malvika also gets to know that it is a Anupama home Anuj used to love from his college days she also learn from GK that Anupama staying with them in the same house after the accident. Malvika goes and brings Anupama back to the house.

In the recent episodes It is seen that Malvika makes pancakes for Anuj he loves the pancake, but he starts praising anupama’s cooking in front of her and she gets upset. Malvika tells Anuj that during the time of Akshay he did the same thing and because of him she could not stay with Akshay.

She leaves the house and reaches the shah house she asks Leela to give her permission to stay over there with them. She tells that she can adjust anywhere and she will have no problem. Kavya tells her that there will be no one to help us in that house.

Tell her to go and stay in some hotel,vanraj to stay over there. Kavya gets angry because her husband has given Malvika the permission to stay with them she asks Malvika to leave the house as soon as possible when Anuj reaches there.

Anuj asks Malvika to come with him to his house , she tells him that she will not return to him until and unless her anger gets ok. At last Anupama give her the permission to stay over there, Kavya asks that why is Anupama giving the permission because she does not even stay in that house anymore.

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