Anupama 22nd January 2022 Episode 481:Anupama and Malvika Cute Moments


Anupama 22nd January 2022 Episode 481 : Anupama asks pakhi what is her aim in life. She tells that everyone had an aim in their life.

She says that Samar was not a good student but he knew what he wanted to do in his life, but it was also known where he wanted to go in his life.

She says that he does not even know why she wants to go in her life she is only doing only looking at her friends. She explains to her that she should not go outside.

She tells her that if she can tell what she wants to do in her life then she will give her life to make it come true. Hasmukh tells that they must end the conversation at this point.

He says that they should celebrate the day and enjoy the time Anupama goes outside the room. Vanraj meets Anupama over there.

He tells her that she can speak to his partner like that. Anupama says that he need not worry about Malvika and she will take care of her.

He says that she should not behave as she behaved earlier with mukku. Anupama asks him to call Malvika and not mukku.

He says that it is no more Malvika for him it is mukku for him she gets surprised. Later on, Anuj tells Malvika that Anupama is for them but they should not forget that there is a family.

GK also explains to her that Malvika first belongs to the family and then to them. Anupama goes to Malvika and tells her sorry for her behavior.

Malvika asks who is she and where is she. She says that she has forgotten everything. She tells sorry to Anupama then Anupama also has the same thing and asks who is she and both of them starts laughing.

Pakhi decides to choose her kite, but she thinks that which one she should choose Anupama goes there and tells that she should choose which one she likes without thinking that what others will think.

Hasmukh comes there and tells that they will play a game he says that there are some papers in the bowl. In some papers no name is written and on some papers, no name is written.

Kinjal says that the person who will get the paper when no name is returned will be not able to choose their partner, everybody she chooses their partner.

Vanraj finds that no name is written in his paper, but he tells the name of Malvika, Anuj says that he has got Anupama as his partner.

Anupama gets shocked when she finds the truth, she finds the blank paper falling from vanraj and she gets shocked after seeing this.

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