Anupama 13th January 2022 Promo: Anuj gets angry on Vanraj

Anupama 13th January 2022

Anupama episode 13 January 2022 promo: a lot of drama is happening in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to see that what happens between Anuj and vanraj.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anuj and Anupama reach the office and finds Malvika and vanraj spending time together and they are close to each other.

Both of them will be shocked to see them Anuj will get angry and he will leave from there saying nothing. Later on Anuj will tells vanraj that he does not work properly and does not know how to do the work properly.

And after hearing this vanraj will get angry on Anuj he will ask Anuj that it is he seriously telling that he does not know how to do a work. Anuj will say that he is telling that he does not know how to work properly and then he will ask him to get out of the office.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama and the whole family celebrates the new year. Malvika gets emotional she says that it is that place to New Year of life. She thanks everyone for giving her the surface and sure psychologist to everyone for doing their new year party.

Anupama asks her to forget everything that has happened in the past and to move on in her life. Pakhi speak to someone on phone she tells that she has not changed her decision.Samar comes there and asks that to home is she speaking. She says that he should not become like her mother.

Vanraj tell Anuj that he will be leaving because he needs to go to the office and he thinks that he needs to work on the new year. Anuj asks that why is he going to the office on a holiday. He says that he has a meeting. Anu says that he will also accompany him and both of them leaves.

To get more updates and spoilers of the episodes stay tuned with us keep on watching Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers have always came up with new and interesting twist in turn in each and every episode which escape the audience’s tuned to the show.

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