Anupama 12th January 2022:What is Vanraj’s New PLan?


Anupama 12th January 2022: Anupama calls Malvika and tells that she should come immediately with her. She says that Anuj but she does not reveal what has happened. Malvika asks that what has happened to her brother. Anupama takes her to the garden and she gets shocked.

She finds that the whole family along with the Shah’s however they are celebrating the new year everyone starts dancing. All of them try to make her happy. Malvika gets emotional and she gets teary. Malvika apologize to everyone for ruining their party.

Hasmuk, Leela and Pakhi says they never celebrated New Year this enjoyably.Vanraj tells Malvika that they should forget each and everything and move ahead in their life. Anupama ask her to forget everything that has happened in your life in the past.

Pakhi calls someone and tells that she has not changed her mind.Samar comes there and ask sorted what is she doing and whom she is speaking on the phone. She says that she will not give the excuse to him and asks him not to behave like as if he is her mother.

Both of them starts arguing Leela comes there and asks that what is going on she asks both of them to go and enjoy the party. She thinks that the new year have started with argument, She wishes that the day ends well.At garden, Shahs, Malvika and Anuj sits together to have lunch. Pakhi, Samar and Partiosh hugs Anupama. 

Jignesh tells that he may decline of the party, Anuj connects him and tells that it was anupama’s plan. Malvika thanks Anupama for doing all this for her. Anupama asks Paritosh to call Kinjal and ask about Rakhi. Anupama says that there are 365 days in the year.

And in the 365 days they should write their own story.he says she wish this year they write happiness and love. Later, Anupama discuss with Anuj. Anupama tells Anuj that they should take Malvika to a very good psychologist. Anuj agrees to her and decides to take Malvika to a psychologist.

Anuj says that they will take her to the psychologist without making her feel bad.Vanraj comes there and tells that he feels that he must work on the new year. He says that he must go to the office and asks for the code from Anuj. Anuja asks otherwise he going to the office on a holiday.

He says that he has a important meeting, Anuj says that if you want to accompany him and both of them leaves. Anupama gets scared she things that when we were both of them together she feels restless. Leela and Hasmukh speaks about Kavya. Pakhi tells Anupama that she wants to study in USA to complete her further educations.

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