Bhagya Lakshmi S01 12th January 2022:Lakshmi And Rishi Comes Across Each Other

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Episode 12 January 2022: Rishi tells ayush that Lakshmi has done a bad thing with him. He says that Lakshmi should have heard the truth from him and the past of his life. He says that Lakshmi didn’t give him one single opportunity to explain to her.

Aayush asks Rishi whether he called Lakshmi to know about her he says that he called her but she did not pick up his call. He says that he is feeling very bad because she has not picked up the call and not even give him an opportunity to explain that what happened.

On the other hand Preetam tells Lakshmi that her father was very happy today because she is going to stand on her own feet. He bless her and tell that you will get the best job. She feels motivated and she lives to find the job. On the other hand Malishka feels happy.

She hugs Kiran. Kiran asks whether she is happy she says that she is extremely happy today. She calls Rishi she tells him that she wants to meet him because there is a surprise for him. And she tries to tell her know but maliska says that Lakshmi is no more in their life and they will beginning a new chapter of their life. Rishi agree to meet her.

Lakshmi tries to catch a auto to go for the interview. On the other hand Karishma feels tensed. Sonia asks Karishma that why is she feeling so nervous and why she in tension. She says that Neelam has got to bring Lakshmi back. And that’s why Neelam has gone to Lakshmi’s place.

Karishma tells that the Pandit Ji told in the morning that Rishi’s life is in danger in the upcoming will be very important for him. She says that the Pandit has told Neelam that she should bring back Lakshmi to the house if she wants to save her son. She also says that depend it has said that who is the most risky day for Rishi.

On the other hand Lakshmi gets rejected from each and every interview because no one wants to keep her without any experience. On the road and Lakshmi’s dupatta touches Rishi both of them feel see each other and before they could meet each other an accident happens and both of them leaves.

Lakshmi finds a paper in which she finds a number she calls on that number and asks for the job she informs them that she has no experience before. The company says that there will be no need for experience because it is an internship but the salary will be very less .Lakshmi agrees to them and leaves.

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