Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd December 2021

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ashwini waits for Virat to return home. Ninad comes there and asks that what is she waiting for. Before she changes the topic the Family comes over there in the hall. Everyone gets ready to celebrate the success of Sai.

Bhawani tells that she was not willing to come but she came because of the Devyani. Patralekha starts taunting sai for being late. Mohit and Karishma come. Everyone tells that Karishma is looking very beautiful. Karishma says that she is also responsible for Sai’s success because she took care of the kitchen so that she can study well.

After sometime Sai comes there everyone praises her for her looks everyone tells her that she is looking beautiful but she gets upset when she gets to know that Virat is not present over there. Aishwarya says that Virat has gone out for an important work and he will come soon.

Sai ask Ashwini whether he received a call from Shruti or not. She says that nowadays Virat receives a call from Shruti and he leaves the house as soon as possible. She says that after the mission Virat has changed a lot. Samrat consoles her and says that Virat will return soon.

Family tries to cheer her up, She start smiling saying that the family is working so hard to make her happy. Pakhi feel jealous of her because everyone is giving attention to her. Ninad Gibson in well up to her and is her that it is a gift from him.

She opens it and find some money over there she says that why is he giving money to her she denies to take it. Ninad tells that she should keep it because it is a gift from him. She says that she does not want money but she want something else.

Everyone gets surprise. Ninad asks that what does she want she says that the thing that she wants is costlier than this money. She says that she wants a smart TV, she says that the TV costs about 1 lakh. Everyone gets shocked to hear this from her.

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