Anupama 22 December 2021 Promo :Will Malvika help Anuj and Anupama to fall in LOVE?


Anupamaa 23 December 2021 Promo update : The fans are excited for a new beginning of Anuj and Anupama’s relationship.There will be more challenges in their raltion . Malvika will surely change the chemistry between anuj and anupama.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Malvika reaches Anupama place she asks her whether she loves Anuj. Anupama it’s quite and get surprised to hear this question.

She returns to Anuj’s house . Anuj apologizes to her, he says that she should not be upset because of Malvika. He says that he knows very well that she does not feel anything for him.

Anupama also gets angry thinking that Anuj was unable to recognize the feelings that she has for him. She makes the breakfast for him, when Mallika comes into the kitchen and tells that she will make the breakfast for Anuj.

So far it is seen that anupama tells anuj that if he does not want to tell the truth to her now he can tell it later on. Anuj says that he wants to tell the truth to her.

On the other hand malvika questions GK that she has seen saree in the house, she asks that who is getting married in the house. GK tells her to ask this question to Anuj.

Malvika says that that means her guess was correct it is Anupama who is staying over there. GK tells her what has happened to Anuj after the accident. He says that it was Anupama who took care of Anuj.

Malvika asks that why they did not inform her about this she also thanks Anupama for helping them. On the other hand Anuj tells Anupama how he lost his parents.

He says that once on his birthday he asked his parents to go out with him, at first his parents denied to go with him but after that all of them agreed.

He says that GK did not go because he had some work in the house, he told his parents that he wants to race he says that he was on the bike, while the others were in the car.

And unfortunately they met an accident he blames himself for the loss of his life. He says that after that Malvika left the house and he did not even know that when will he be able to see her.

The upcoming episode of serial Anupama gearing up for interesting twist and dance. The makers are coming up with interesting episodes and the audience are loving them a lot. Stay tuned with us for the latest spoilers and updates of the serial and keep on watching Anupama.

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