Kundali Bhagya July 27, 2021, Written Update

Kundali Bhagya July 27 2021 Written Update

Janki overhears the conversation of srishti and sameer she says that she will tell the truth to everyone,srishti stops her from saying the truth but she denies to listen she goes to the hall and calls sherlyn.

Rakhi and kareena ask that what has happened and why is she screaming.

Janki tells that Sherlyn had planned something against preeta. Sherlyn comes and says that she has not met her and she do not know why is she blaming her.

Janki says that she has Sameer and Srishti and knows that Sherlyn had planned something,she asks preeta to say the truth and she says that she is fine now and they should leave the matter.

Srishti changes the topic and says that actually Sherlyn always asks preeta to work so Janki is upset. Janki gets angry and leaves the place sarla goes to follow her but Srishti stops her.

Preeta follows Janki and says that she don’t want to spoil the family’s happiness,Janki tells preeta to take care of herself.

Preeta says that she will take care of her children. Janki tells Karan to take care of preeta Sameer also says that he will take care of preeta.

Rakhi tells Karan that preeta was waiting for him and asks him to take him to the hospital for a check,Rakhi asks sarla to come with them to Lonavala but sarla says that he is busy and can’t come.

Dadi gets happy seeing the bus ,Mahesh asks everyone about rakhi,kritika says that she is in the kid’s room.

Dadi asks Sherlyn that if the latter is fine and tells her to not worry because the latter will become a mother soon. Sherlyn nods at her and thinks that still everyone cares about Preeta only.

There rakhi is happy and decorates the room,mahesh video calls preeta and says that rakhi is finally happy and it is due to preeta and karan.

The doctor ask preeta to do the tests. Karan thinks that everything changed now and smiles. Doctor informs Preeta that the latter is not pregnant.

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