Kundali Bhagya Episode 27th July Sneak Peek : Janki wants to reveal the truth to Luthra Family

Kundali Bhagya Episode 27th July 2021

Preeta says to Sherlyn that she knows everything about her plan she says that if she tries to do anything like this then she will tell everyone about her real character.

She says that may after revealing the truth everyone will throw her out of the house, but it would hurt the family as they love her.

Sherlyn holds preeta’s hand and promises that she will not do anything to her or her babies. She leaves the kitchen.

Preeta thinks that she had tried to make Sherlyn understand but she is still unsure that she will listen to her or not. There Kareena and dadi speak about Sonakshi’s wedding.

Dadi informs preeta that they are going to Lonavala to attend the wedding.

Dadi tells that preeta had made her remember her childhood and now she would like to live her childhood once again. Dadi says that she had booked a bus and they will go by bus to Lonavala and enjoy.

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Rakhi comes and says that it is not possible as preeta is pregnant and they should always think that first before making any decision.

Rakhi says that then preeta can go by car,preeta says that she will go with them by bus. Rakhi asks preeta to visit the doctor once and asks every Do’s and Dont’s.

Janki,sarla, and Srishti visit the Luthra house. Preeta thinks that Karan has come and gets excited later on she gets to know that Janki and her family has came.

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Later on Sherlyn complains to Kareena that everyone is allotting her chores as if she was a servant in the house.

She says that Preetaโ€™s family is visiting again and again. Kareena explains how everyone took care of her when she was pregnant.

In the kitchen, Srishti comes and says to Sameer that she wants to say something to him.

She tells that how Prithvi has alert kritika about Sherlyn and she had tried to cause harm to preeta .Sameer gets shocked to know that once again Sherlyn is causing harm to preeta.

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Srishti says sameer to take care of sherlyn in lonavala so that preeta stays safe.

Janki overhears them and angrily goes out to tell everyone. Sameer and Srishty try to stop her from doing so but she ignores them.

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