Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th July Promo Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th July Written Update

Zee TV daily show Apna time aayega, is coming up with new twist and turns in every episode. In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the whole family celebrates Veers birthday.

The promo of the upcoming episode has been released on YouTube. Apna time bhi aayega episode 28th July promo has been released. According to the promo the whole family celebrates veer birthday, he cuts the cake but when Rajeshwari goes to give him the cake he ignores Rajeshwari.

Rani asks Rajeshwari that can she helped her in any way she says that if she wants to help then she can to wanting she has bought a gift for veer and kept it in Nandini’s room she tells Rani to get the gift and give it to veer. Rani thinks that she will try her best to reunite Rajeshwari and Veer

In the earlier episodes it was shown that Veer comes from the hospital back home. And he gets to know his original identity that who is he. Rajeshwari also gets to know that Veer is her on son and he is not an orphan. Hearing to this she get surprised.

In the latest episodes it was shown that, Rajeswari goes to through Rannvijay out of the house but Rani stops her and says that Ranvijay is veers father. Hearing to this Rajeshwari asks about the truth to Dikvijay and Rajmata. Dikvijay explains to Rajeshwari that how years ago Ranvijay left her, and how she gave birth to veer.

Dikvijay says to Rajeshwari that after all this incident Rajeshwari was very alone and that the reason why he married her. He says that he gave Veer to Kumud and Kumud took care of of him for two years after that he brought him to his home.

And Rajeshwari thought that it was someone else son. Veer gets to know that it was Rajeshwari who had mixed something in his drink and that’s why she was feeling dizzy that day. After he understands that Rajeshwari was responsible for all this he gets upset.

Vikram ask, that had got any clue about that incident. He says that they should go home back and then they should listen to the truth. Veer and Vikram goes back home and he says that he is leaving the house. Rajeshwari requests him to stop but he doesn’t listen to anyone and leaves.

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