Kundali Bhagya Episode 28th july Spoiler Alert :Preeta can Never become a mother

Kundali bhagya

High voltage drama is going on,in the show kundali bhagya.The makers are coming up with interesting twists in every episode.

In the latest episodes, it was shown that preeta nad Karan goes to the hospital to see a doctor. And there awaits the shocking news for all the viewers of kundali bhagya.

Preeta gets to know that she is not pregnant the doctor also tells her that she can ner become a mother as she can never conceive.

Hearing this preeta gets hurt and shocked . Listening to the truth karan also gets shocked. There the whole family is happy and preparing to go to Lonavala.

In the upcoming episodes it would be shown that preeta decides to tell the truth of her pregnancy to the family she gets emotional she starts crying and hugs Karan.

The family doesn’t know the truth of preeta’s pregnancy till now.What will happen when the family will get to know the truth?

In the latest episodes, it was shown that Sonakshi one of Karan’s childhood friends has visited luthra house and invited everyone to her wedding in Lonavala.

Dadi agrees to attend the wedding. She decides that they all will travel by bus and enjoy the time together.

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Dadi and kareena asks preeta that to visit the hospital before they go.Rakhi says that they must think about preeta before they go to lonavala as she is pregnant.

Dadi says that preeta can come by car,preeta says that she will not come by car and will travel with them

Later on preeta and karan go to the hospital. On the other hand, now janki knows that sherlyn had tried to cause harm to preeta.

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Srishti and sameer were speakng when janki hears everything. She gets angry and goes t the hall and looks for Sherlyn. When everyone asks that what is the matter she tells that Sherlyn had tried to hurt preeta.

Srishti asks janki she should not say the truth as the family is happy and they cant ruin the happiness.

Srishti asks sameer to take care of preeta as she had planned to hurt her and her child.Sameer is shocked to know that sherlyn had not changed at all.

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