Kundali bhagya Dhamaka Episode 17th July,2021 : Kareena tells Sherlyn to throw Mahira out

Kundali bhagya 17th July Written Update

Mahira says Prithvi smother to at least listen to her once, Prithvi’s mother not out, Sherlyn ask her that did she knew everything she tell that she knew everything for a while she tells silently from their otherwise you will be calling the security.

Kareena calls for the security. There are in the Mandap the Panditji tells the bride and groom to get ready for the marriage rituals. As soon as the bride and groom stands Mahira enter and says that they should stop the marriage immediately because she has something to say.

Everyone gets shocked, Rishab wants to ask her that why she is doing like this but he tells her to leave from there. Mahira tells that she will live once she expose Prithvi and Sherlyn. She tells to listen to her at least for one time and give her one chance. Kareena agrees to that.

There are the hospital Srishti and Sameer tries to convince doctor Roshni so that she can come to their house and say everyone that how Sherlyn is cheating everyone. Dr Roshni denies to come with them and says that she does not want to get into the personal matters.

They are the house, High Voltage drama is going on. Mahira takes out the proof she takes out audio clip and plays it every one listens to it carefully but suddenly the clip stops. Sherlyn loves and says that she is unable to prove anything. Rishabh does not tell a single word but calls for the police.

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Mahira goes to Kritika and tries to make her understand that Prithvi is cheating on her. Kritika does not agree to all this words and gives a slap to mahira in front of everyone. Srishti with doctor Roshni, she tells her to tell the family the whole truth she tells the fix story that Sherlyn has told her to tell.

Everyone listens to that, Preeta thinks of what is in her kundali and what the future holds for her. The episode ends with Prithvi applying the Sindoor in the hairline of Kritika.

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