Apna time bhi aayega Episode 17th july :Ranvijay gets back his conscious

Apna time bhi aayega 17th july Written Update

Veer tells Rani that how recovering Rannvijay has become a challenge to him and he tells that he is trying very hard to cure him. Rani says that his intention is good and god will be with him. Veer gives the injection to Ranvijay and tells Rani that he doesn’t know that whether he will be successful or not.

There Rajmata tells Dikvijay that she wants to meet her son at least once the he tells that even he wants to meet his brother. Dikvijay says that they can’t do it now and they have to wait for sometime. Rajmata says that she wants to see his son at the hospital.

The Dikvijay says Rajmata that they have to wait for the right time. Rajmata asks that for how much time they have to keep it a secret. A man from the hospital calls Rajeshwari and says that it is spending lots of money on a coma patient and he wants Rajeshwari to speak to feel once.

Rajeshwari decides that she will be going to the hospital to see that who is that patient. They are at the hospital Rajeshwari follows Veer and Rani. As soon as Dikvijay and Rajmata learns that Rajeshwari has gone to the hospital to see the coma patient they live for the hospital.

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Champa hears all this conversation and she thinks that she should get to know the matter. Rajeshwari follows Veer and Rani and reaches the patient’s room Veer and Rani gets inside the room. The doctor says that Ranvijay is recovering, the doctor says that he is unconscious but soon he will get back his senses.

Veer and Rani gets very happy listening to all this, Veer says that once Ranvijay a gets back his conscious, he will introduce him to the Rajawat family. Then Nandini tries to call Rajeshwari but Rajeshwari ignores her call Jai Singh tell it’s the only reason he told her to speak to her before.

Nandini tells that Rajeshwari has many more work to be done. Rani notices Rajeshwari she goes to her. Rajeshwari tells her that he is forgetting his responsibilities for his sister. Veer says that his patient is getting, good day by day Rajeshwari says that she also wants to see his patient.

At that moment Rajmata and Dikvijay and Rani asks that what are they doing over there, Rajmata says that Rajeshwari live the house in anger that’s why they followed heart. There Ranvijay, overhears all lease conversations and get back his senses he wakes up and walks to Rajeshwari.

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He touches Rajeshwari’s shoulder Rajmata and Dikvijay watches all this. But as soon as Rannvijay touches Rajeshwari’s shoulder he gets unconscious and tells his stuff to pick up him we tell that his patient is getting well. Rani sa tells veer becoming close to strangers day by day.

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