Anupama 17th July Episode :Kavya criticize anupama for the café menu

Anupama 17th July 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with the very emotional scene, vanraj gets teary, Jignesh that what happened to him he says that something has gone into his eyes .Jignesh says that even a man has the freedom to cry Jignesh understand that one has got emotional. Vanraj says thank you to Jignesh for understanding his feelings.

Samar says that they can do anything for vanraj and vanraj gets emotional listening to this.

Kavya stands and ask that what is the meaning of the cafe when Kavya Learns that the menu of the cafe has been decided by Leela she gets angry she starts criticizing and tells that, Leela has no idea about what should be the menu of the cafe. Anupama takes Leela side and says that a mother know the best menu.

Kavya asks that why no one is coming to the cafe Anupama says Kavya to just wait. After Kavya learn that they have allowed all groups of people she gets angry. Summer tells that in India younger people like to spend time with the old people.

Kavya criticizes the cafe and tells that with a few days the business will shut down and they will be begging on the road. And for them she would also have to beg.Kavya says Shah’s are emotional fool and within 2 days they will beg.

Rakhi sees that Kinjal is uploading the pictures of the cafe she tells Paritosh that everyone will come to know that her in-laws are very middle class. Paritosh tells rakhi that after seeing the flat Kinjal has stop talking with him. Rakhi says that Kinjal continues to learn from Anupama and she tells paritosh to learn from Anupama.

Rakhi gives an idea to Paritosh ,she tells Paritosh that he should blackmail Anupama in such a way that Anupama gets angry and herself tells them to get out of the house.

At school Pakhi’s his friends tells her that she is very lucky because her dance teacher is at her home only Pakhi remembers about Anupama and says that the truth is that Anupama has no time for her. Kavya asks that’s why no one is coming to their Cafe and Anupama tells that what if a whole crowd comes to their Cafe.

Husmukh says that Cafe and dance academy both will be very much successful because both has mothers blessings, Kavya says that until she becomes a mother everyone will taunt her like this.

Kavya tells everyone to not get emotionally full because sometimes a Startup doesn’t work. Samar tells everyone that some goons has entered the cafe everyone gets shocked vanraj rushes there.Vanraj compliment Samar for his efforts.

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