Kundali Bhagya episode 17th July 2021: Kritika slaps mahira in front of the family

Kundali Bhagya episode 17th July 2021

Mahira comes with kareena to stop the marraige of prithvi and kritika.Mahira asks everyone to stop the wedding immediately as she wants to show something to everyone.Everyone stops the wedding and listen to mahira.

There pritvi stands shocked seeing mahira.Preeta asks what is that thing that she wants to prove to everyone. Srishti and Sameer wait for Roshni in the hospital, the former asks her about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s relationship.

Shristi tells roshni to help them so that they can stop the wedding,roshni tells that she do not want to fall in all this personal matter.There mahira tells that she wants to show a proof that sherlyn was pregnant with prithvi’s baby and not rishabs.

Mahira plays an audio clip ,everyone listen’s to that.Mahira asks Rishabh to say something. Rishabh then calls the police and asks them to come to the Luthra house.

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Mahira goes to kritika to say something but she gets angry on her and slaps her.Shristi and sameer arrives with roshni .Shristi tells roshni to say the truth when pritvi’s mother shows that her child has been kidnaped.Roshni steps back and says she cant tell the truth.

Recently kundali bhagya has completed its 4 years and it was a very happy moment for both the viewers and the makers.Kundali bhagya is one of the most watched hindi serials.Watch episodes of kundali bhagya on zee5 app.

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