Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2021 MAHA Episode :Prithvi and kritika’s wedding ceremony

Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Kareena, Kareena asks sherlyn that what is the matter she tells that she should stop the manage immediately everyone gets shocked Kareena ask that what exactly is going on. Prithvi says that everyone knows that what Sherlyn has gone through. He tells that Sherlyn asked Prithvis mother to apologize to her but she did not that’s why she is angry.

Kareena tells Prithvi that actually sherlyn has gone through a lot and that’s why she is emotional that’s why she is behaving like this she tells that otherwise, sherlyn is a very good woman. They are the Pandit tells Preeta to bring the varmala she goes to being the varmala.

Rishab teases Karan and tells that he took too long to dress. Karan tells that if he teases him then he will also teach him then suddenly they see Preeta. Karan tells that Peter will fall now receptors that she will not fall. Preetha walks and as soon as she slips karan goes and saves her and tells her that he knew she would fall.Preeta says that and she knew that he would save her.

There shristi asks sameer, that does he love Kritika he tells that he loves Kritika Srishti tells then he had to help her. But he does not agree he says that Srishti does not even have any proof, to show that Prithvi and sherlyn are the main culprits. Srishti acts as if she has a very bad stomach pain she tells him to take to the hospital. Srishti thinks that she can take help from doctor Roshni.

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Kritika says Mahesh and rakhi that they are her mom dad and she wants them in the rituals of her marriage. ° and comes down with Kritika .Karan and Rishabh tells Kritika that it was a good plan of her, Kritika says that it was actually preeta’s plan. Kritika sits beside Prithvi in the Mandap. Karan tales Preetha that Kritika has told her everything.

They are the hospital Srishti learns that the doctor has still not arrived she decides to stay there .Sameer learns that Dr Roshni is maternity doctor and he picks Janki’s call and informs her that Srishti is pregnant. Janki shocks hearing him. Mahira enters the mansion. Sherlyn notices Mahira and drags her from there.

Sherlyn tries to kill mahira for whatever she has done to her. Mahira records all the conversations but sherlyn does not get any hint. Mahira tells that she will no expose Prithvi and Shalini in front of everyone .Pritvi’s mother arrives there.

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