Kundali Bhagya ‘BIG TWIST’ :Sherlyn reveals the truth, Kareena blames preeta

Kundali Bhagya

Bani tells that she is afraid because it is thundering outside.Kareena tells them to speak positive things.Sonakshi thinks that she is the most dangerous human being in the house.

Preeta worries that why sherlyn and rishab still did not came to have their dinner.Sona asks that why is preeta looking so worried.Preeta says that she is worried about karan.

Pihu comes and tells that she is very afraid.Kareena tells preeta to take responsibility of her own child and stop thinking about karan.

Sona tell that maybe Preeta has some important work to be done she tells that she will take care of Pihu but bani tells her that she should not take care because Preetha is the mother of Pihu.

Bani scolds Preeta for not taking care of Pihu.Rakhi tells Preeta to take Pihu to the room otherwise everyone will blame her. Preeta goes from there Kareena says that she has done around thing.

Kareena tells rakhi that she always supports Preeta. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to tell the actual truth. But she continues to lie. Rishab reminds her of whatever she has told Prithvi.

Sherlyn tell the truth to Rishabh she tells that she loves with me and not him. She tells that a woman can’t live woman being like him.

She tells start with Prithvi he can experience the fun and she enjoys her life. Rishabh asks her to tell the truth in front of everyone.

Pihu apologizes to Preeta because for her she got a scolding. On the other hand Sonakshi over hears kareena and bani speaking she decides to something so that she can take rakhi on her side.

Rakhi tells son that areena was angry that why she told all those things to preeta she asks her not to take those things seriously.Karan calls preeta and tells that he is missing her a lot.

Preeta tells him to return home fast.On the other hand sherlyn tells rishab that if he tell the truth to the family that she never had anything with him them he will ebinsulted and nothiing will happen to him.

Sherlyn also reveals that it was Prithvi’s baby and not his.Risabh tells that he is done with her and leaves.Later on she tells Prithvi that she has done a big mistake.

When Prithvi gets to know that she has told the truth to Rishabh shocked. How can you like this. She tells that he got into the jail and that’s why she spoke to the lawyer and all this happened.

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