Apna time bhi aayega Episode 230-30th July Update : OH NO ! Rani is in trouble

Apna time bhi aayega

Zee TV daily soap Apna time bhi aayega is coming up with interesting twists in its upcoming episode. In the upcoming episodes it will be interesting to see that who is the new you anyway in the house.

The promo of the upcoming episode has been released on YouTube. According to the promo it is shown that Rani is in the kitchen and it’s trying to use the oven, but suddenly as she is just the lighter, there is a spark and fire.

There is fire in the kitchen, seeing this Rani get scared Rani screams and calls Veer. Veer and others run and come to the kitchen and sees that the kitchen is on fire.

Then it is shown that run Vijay is sitting on a chair and laughing. Is Ranvijay the new enemy ?

In the earlier episodes it was shown that how we has rejected to take cake from Rani Sa. And after the she is very upset with that and goes from there. Everyone celebrate veer’s birthday. Everyone is very happy to see the whole family together after a long time.

Nandini comes Dikvijay introduces her to Rannvijay, Rannvijay blesses her and along with that Jay Singh also comes to the Rajawat house and says that, maybe it was a hard time for Veer because being the son of that house he had to listen to that he is an orphan.

Later on Rajeshwari asks Rani to give a gift to Veer that she has kept in Nandini’s room when she goes there she sees that the gift is kept upon the cupboard. She tries to bring the gift but unfortunately the give Falls and breaks everyone comes there.

Rani gets hurt seeing this veer tells Vikram to bring the first aid box, Rani ask sweet to go downstairs because everyone is waiting for him, Rani sa taunts Rani by saying that she can take care of her simple gift and she is thinking about all the guests listening to this Veer gets angry.

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