Kundali Bhagya Episode 1021: Preeta gets emotional on seeing karan

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV’s daily show of kundali Bhagya is one of the most-watched serials. The makers have come up with a new and interesting twist in its upcoming episode.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to see that how Preeta says to everyone that she is not pregnant.

The episode starts with Srishti, waking up in the morning, she looks for her phone charger, suddenly she finds that picture with Preeta and gets emotional.

She speaks to the picture saying that when Preeta will become a mother will she forget her.

She calls Sameer and asks him that did he remember what she has said to him.

He says yes, everyone is very happy and everyone prepares to leave for the wedding ceremony. Dadi says that she is very happy and wants everyone to be happy too.

Everyone gets onto the bus, Preeta decides that she will tell the truth to everyone and stands she goes to fall

When Karan comes and saves her. Girish schools the driver for driving so badly. After that Mahesh tells Preeta that she should tell that what she needs and take care of herself.

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Kareena says that Mahesh is very, serious about preeta’s pregnancy and moreover he has come out of depression a few days ago only.

Preeta thinks that it is not the right moment to say the truth to everyone because maybe after listening to the news Mahesh will again go into depression.

Preeta gets emotional and hugs Karan everyone sees this and gets emotional too.

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Mahesh says that there were there to enjoy and they should listen to some music he tells the driver to play the music. Everyone dances and sings. Only Preeta and Sherlyn sit there quietly.

Sonakshi tells her father that Karan with his whole family will be coming to her wedding, her father asks her that who else she has invited to her wedding.

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She says that he decided the wedding so fast that she could not even invite all of her friends. Her father says that boy is very good to whom she is getting married to.

Sherlyn guesses that there is something wrong with Preeta because she is sitting quietly. She thinks that she must know that what is the matter.

Soon they reached the wedding place at Lonavala. Sonakshi welcomes them, and everyone seems to be very happy.

Watch the full episode on Zee 5 app.

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