Kundali Bhagya Episode 5 July Written Update: Sherlyn Ask Prithvi To Say The Truth

Kundali bhagya episode 5 july 2021

Today’s episode starts with Sherlyn getting surprised . Sherlyn gets surprised seeing Rishabh has come back home. Sherlyn Iske that Preeta will we will all her and Prithvi truth to the whole family.

Karan sees Rishabh and gets happy they hug each other and Rishabh starts saying that Karan has got fit. Luthra family seeing this kid happy. Karan and Rishabh go inside when Sameer stops them and says that they can not alone go inside and Mahesh joins them.

Sherlyn watches Preeta and thinks that she will be revealing the truth in front of everyone. Preetha gives a signal to Srishti that she has done her work and Mahila sees this. Sanjana asks Sherlyn that what is she thinking about.

Sherlyn says she has to do something and asks her to take care there. Sherlyn goes and holds Prithvi’s hand and Prithvi gets uncomfortable.

He says that rishab has arrived and she can’t hold his hand like this . Sherlyn says she does not care about all this and take him to a room and looks at the room.

Sherlyn starts asking what has he told to Preeta. Srishti asks Preeta that has she done her work Preeta says she has done her work and she explains how she has attached a camera and the recorder in Sherlyn’s necklace. Srishti says that she has also prepared all the things for the live telecast.

Sherlyn Prithvi that he has fallen in love with Preeta so much that he is ready, to betray her. Prithvi starts saying that this can’t be possible this is only because Preetha has seen both of them in the city hospital and from there she got to know this secret.

Sherlyn says that this is not possible because Preetha has seen them together before that also. Preeta and Srishti pass through his room and hears that Prithvi and Sherlyn are fighting.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn not to shout because others can hear them from outside Srishti and Preeta thinks that this is the right moment to open the live telecast.

Prithvi starts telling her that if she wants he will never give her wife rights to Kritika. He says that he wanted her so much that he is marrying Kritika so that he can stay with her all the time.

There on the live telecast, the Luthra family sees all this and remains shocking listening to all these conversations between Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Rishabh gets angry and goes from there Sanjana follows him. Sherlyn tells Prithvithat she doesn’t need his help and struggles to breathe then falls down. Luthra’s shocks seeing that. Rishabh knocks on the door.

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