Koi Mil Gaya actor Rajat Bedi left the Bollywood industry because he was cut out from films

rajat bedi
Rajat Bedi

Rajan Bedi got his pain after he was seen in the Bollywood movie Koi Mil Gaya along with him Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta were also seen in the lead roles of the film the film was released in 2003.

Rajat the role of Raj in the movie Koi Mil Gaya recently in the actor you will his experience in the Bollywood industry and why he had to live industry and go to Canada to start a new life.

Rajat said that his experience with the film played a significant role in his decision to take a break from acting and start a new life in Canada the actor we will be excluded from the publicity of the film.

He said that he was to know that many scenes from the movie were cut. Rajat said that he was not invited for the promotion and publicity of the film.

The actor that despite of getting all the films he was not getting money. He said that after Koi Mil Gaya he started doing film with Sunny Deol.

He said that after doing the films when he used to get the checks all the checks were bounced. And due to this reason, he was not earning.

Rajat added that he had friends from very high society who were running companies worth including. He said that he realise that earning Fame is fine but he was not earning.

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