Anupama 15th July 2023 New Twist: Anupama comes back!

Anupama 15th July 2023:Anupama Written Update

anupama 15th july 2023
anupama 15th july 2023

Vanraj and Kavya bring back choti Anu to their house. Leela starts asking why did they bring her over there because if something happens to her then Anuj will blame them. She tells that they should ask her to go back to her own house.

Kavya says that they should not speak like this because she is a kid and they should look after her because Anupama looks after the whole family. Paritosh tales that he should take both of them to the terrace.

After some time Leela starts thinking that it has been a long time now but chotu anu has not come there she feels afraid she asks everyone to look for her everyone starts looking for her. Finally, Anuj gets a message that his daughter is in the orphanage.

He says that they must go to the orphanage and find out if everything is fine or not. Unable to understand what has happened everyone gets shocked. Leela prays for choti anu so that everything falls into place.

Vanraj and Anuj reach the orphanage and defined out that someone is singing a song and they realize that it is no other than Anupama. Then open the door and rush inside the room and finds that Anupama is taking care of her daughter.

Both of the kids were surprised to see her over there because Anupam was supposed to leave for us. Anuj finds that she is not well. He starts warning about Anupama. Vanraj makes a video call and shows everyone this everything is fine.

Pakhi gets surprised to see that. She tells everyone that Anupama is back.Leela to know that Anupama is over there.They both ask how did she reach here, didn’t she go to Mumbai. Anuj asks if she is fine, he checked that she already boarded USA flight.

Anupama feels weak and falls on Anuj and asks him to take her home. A lot of twists will be seen in the upcoming episode of StarPlus daily soap Anupama. State tune to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show.

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