OMG 2: this one scene of Akshay Kumar in the film’s teaser made the Netizens angry

OMG 2 Movie

The teacher of the movie OMG 2 was released on 11th of July 2023 and the viewers and the fans have expressed their disappointment when they so a scene in the movie teaser. In the teaser it is in their Akshay Kumar becomes Lord Shiva.

In the teaser it is also seen that Akshay Kumar full phone is Lord Shiva is taking Abhishek with pain dirty water which is not considered pure water. The video shows Akshay Kumar as Mahadev and Pankaj will be playing the role of devotee.

The story is very unique and the stories about Lord shiva and his devotee. After the big-budget film Aadipurush, now the sensor board is very alert about the upcoming movies which will have spiritual scenes.

And now is the teaser is out on YouTube this scene is making all the viewers irked. People has expressed their disappointment leaving that this is an insult of God and we should not be doing this.

OMG 2 Banned Controversy:

Some reports said that the film is likely to be banned. While others said that since the plot revolves around LGBTQ and homosexuality is why the censor board was taking longer than usual to clear it.

OMG 2 stars Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil as well. The film is directed by Amit Rai.

Watch the Teaser Here!

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