Anupama 14 June 2023 [Super Update!]  Anuj spots Malti Devi’s news in the newspaper

Anupama 14 June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14 june 2023
Anupama 14 June 2023

Anupama prays for the family and she tells god to take care of the family. Anupama asks for Samar and Dimple’s happiness and prays that Leela and Dimple would soon form a loving bond with each other and stay happy.

Vanraj over the phone shows his concern for Kavya and advises on her diet. He says that he would bring the food items with him so she should give him the prescription.

Leela walks in and she came to check if he is happy and he seems to be happy. Vanraj says he became a father thrice before, but this time feeling as if it is his first time.

She asks Vanraj if he is ready to take the responsibility of another child to which Vanraj says that he cannot run away from his responsibility

Then Leela asks Vanraj about his and Kavya’s relationship, Vanraj says that he still does not know what would happen between them in the future.

But he cannot leave Kavya to bear the responsibility by herself. Leela says that she is with Vanraj in his decisions.

Anuj notices Malti Devi’s press conference news in a newspaper and feels proud of Anupama.Maaya huffs furiously and says that enough is enough as she will not bear any more Anupama in her life.

Anupama gets ready for the news conference and she gets excited. Anupama excitedly gets ready for the conference and reaches gurukul.

Anu enters the academy and Gurumaa notices Anupama and introduces her to media. Reporters click her pics.

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