Starplus Anupama 12 June 2023: Samar gets to know about kavya’s pregnancy

Anupama 12th June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Anupama 12 june 2023
Starplus Anupama 12 June 2023

Samar comes and asks that what are they speaking about and then he realise that that Kavya is pregnant with Vanraj’s child.

He feels very happy Samar hugs Kavya happily and congratulates her for giving such good news on his special day which made it even more significant now.

Kavya says that she never tought that the family will be accepting her.Kavya says that she did not tell anyone due to nervousness about not being accepted by the family but did not expect such positive reviews from all of them.

Vanraj tells that he will make it sure that he will never make her feel like that and tells her that he would ensure that she does not feel that way anymore as he wants to be a loving husband and father of her child.

Kavya feels blessed and she feels very happy Kavya smiles happily at Vanraj while Anupama feels at peace on seeing things working out

Anupama then thinks that she should now leave from there and go back to her home to end the day., Anuj continues to think about the thought of letting Anupama go which saddens him a lot inside.

The show makers are planning more interesting twists in the upcoming episodes so stay tuned with us to get more updates.

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