Anupama 28th June 2023 Upcoming New Twist | anupama spoilers

Anupama 28th june 2023

Anupama 28th June 2023:Anupama finds that a thali has been made for her and she feels special because she has never got this kind of treatment ever.

She sees that all her favorite dishes have been made. Anu asks who has made the food for her. She looks at Leela.

She queries whether Leela has made them or not. Kinjal says that Leela is the main chef. Kinjal tells that she and Dimple were just an assistant.

Anu tells that she can’t eat anything from the dish because the dish is very beautiful. She says that she does not have the heart to eat from that plate as it looks so good to look at.

Leela also gets emotional she goes and takes a spoon. She then feeds anupama with her own hands. Anupama accepts with a smile and love.

Anupama gets emotional she says that the taste will never change throughout her life and hugs Leela for doing so much for her.

Anupama Spoiler 27th June 2023:The Shah’s prepares for Anupama’s farewell party

Leela feels bad for Hasmukh. Kinjal tells that they will video call him. Dolly jokes that Leela wants to dance with Hasmukh. Leela says Hasmukh would have blessed Anupama.

She tells that anupama has always considered him as her father. Leela says she could never become Anupama’s mother. Samar jokes that Leela knows only to taunt and not love her DIL.

Kavya enters the Shah house and tells Leela to take a rest . She says that she can gift wrap. Family agrees. Leela asks if she wants juice or milk.

Leela asks her to come back to the Shah house so that they can take care of her . Everybody insists Kavya coming back. She says that they can speak about that later on.

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