Anupamaa 28 June 2023 spoiler alert: Anupama gets emotional

Anupama 9th September 2022

A lot of twits are going on in the Starplus daily soap anupama. The audience is very excited to know what’s next.

Anupamaa 28 June 2023 spoiler alert: Anupama Written Update

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that anupama gets a grand welcome at the Shah house. She feels blessed. She gets emotional as she never thought that she would receive such a warm welcome to the Shah house ever in her life.

Anupama feels bad that she has to leave the family. On the other hand, Anuj learns that anupama has already left for the Shah house. He gets very excited to meet Anupama for the last time. He thinks that when it will be evening.

He asks Ankush what should he do he says that you should do whatever he is good at. Anuj starts preparing himself on the other hand at the Shah house. Anupama finds that everyone has made her favorite food for her.

She feels very excited at the same time she also feels bad because she has to leave the family. She asked whether Leela has cooked the food for her or not Kinjal tells that actually, Leela was the main chef. She gets overwhelmed.

Anupama tells that she can’t eat the food because they have made it so beautiful and so much special that she can’t eat the food. Leela comes to their head and feeds Anupama with her own hand Anupama gets emotional. She tells Leela that the taste of our hand has never changed.

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