Anupamaa: SHOCKING! Anuj Plans To Send Maya To Mental Asylum


The recent episodes of Anupama are very interesting as Anupama will be going to the US to pursue her dreams and on the other hand, Anuj is sad and he is missing Anupama. Anuj asked Anupama to meet him before she leaves the country.

In recent episodes, it is seen that Maya dreams that Anuj and Anupama both are doing a romance and she gets angry. Leela tells that she already warned Anupama about Maya but she always chooses this kind of person.

Pakhi supports her.Pakhi says Maaya is not mentally ill but a shameless lot. Dimpy fights with them all supporting Maaya.Samar supports Dimpy and fights with Pakhi. Dimpy humiliates even Kinjal. Leela asks them to stop.

Kanta discusses Maaya’s shameless act during the event and blames Anuj for supporting Maaya. Anupama says she doesn’t want to discuss it.Anupama tells that he has a lot of work to finish in 6 days.

After hearing this Kanta asks why is she going to Shah instead of letting Leela handle her family issues. She is her son and DIL belongs to her. Anupama asks her to pack her favorite sweet. Kanta says she will prepare her favorite halwa.

On the other hand, Leela asks Samar and Dimpy to leave the house . She says that they have made her house a hell. Dimpy says Leela has made her house hell and is a bully who troubles everyone.

Vanraj gets angry with her and asks her to stop. He tells that nobody can misbehave with his mother. He tongue lashes Samar for being a mute spectator supporting his wife. Leela says that if Dimpy thinks that she causes problems then she will go.

Anupama reaches Shah house and notices Leela sitting on a park bench. Leela breaks down hugging her.She says that anupama’s children are right.She tells that it is her because of whom they all face problems.

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