STAR PLUS Anupama 9 June 2023 spoiler alert!

Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update


Anuj feels that something is not right with malti devi.He suspects that malti was a bit aqward when she met him.He tells anu about this.

Anupama says that she sometimes behaves like this but everything is ok may be she has read about him and his condition in the newspaper that is why she felt like that.

He compliments her and wishes her to go ahead in life. He tells her that he will miss her a lot. Anupama knows it won’t be easy for them.

She gets speechless and makes a leave. Anuj thinks of Malti and suspects that she is hiding something.Nakul gets upset seeing Malti and Anupama’s bonding. Leela tells Dolly that Malti has a lot of attitudes.

Leela tells that malti has trapped anupama and has given her so many responsibilities.She also adds that she cant understand why vanraj pays attention to kavya when he was focusing on anupama.

On the other hand vanraj and kavya speaks with each other she tells him not to take so much care of her.He tells her that their child is his responsibility and asks her to let him take care.

A lot of twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes to get the latest updates saty tuned to us and keep on watching anupama.

The viewers can also watch the sho online on Hotstar.

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