Anupamaa: Caught! Rakhi asks Paritosh about his extramarital affair


Anupamaa 5th Sept 2022 spoiler alert: Anupama finds that Rakhi is very upset with Paritosh and she tries to figure out what is wrong with him. She thinks that must be he has done something for which Rakhi is upset.

Rakhi tells that she is willing to take Kinjal and the baby to her place and she will be keeping both of them at her house for some days. Anupamaa get shocked to see here this. She tries to figure out what is happening.

On the other hand, Leela and Hasmukh also speak to each other they discuss that something is going to happen. Leela tells that she wishes that nothing big should happen and everything should be good and fine.

Anupamaa cronfronts toshu

Anupamaa goes to toshu and asks him what is he doing. She questions toshu if he is doing something that he should not do.He looks at her and starts crying.Toshu feels bad for what hehas done and not told anyone .

In the latest episode, rakhi confronts toshu . She asks him that what is his intention with her daughter. She says that she has got to know that he was having extramarital affair with someone when he know that his wife is pregnant.

Toshu defends himself from rakhi

He does not say anything and only listens to what she is saying. She questions him why did he do like this and did that girl know that he is already married. He tells that there is nothing so important because it was only a fling.

Paritosh says that he is not serious about that relationship more he also adds that he does not have any emotional bonding with that lady.Rakhi yells at him and tells he proved to be Vanraj’s son and tells she won’t let him ruin his daughter’s life.

Starplus serial Anupama is one of the most loved tv shows. The makers have planned something new for the upcoming track of the show. The audience is also excited.

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