Anupama 5 September 2022, S01 Episode 674 [New Twist]

Anupama 5 september

Anupama 5 September 2022: Toshu tells sorry to rakhi and says that he will go to any extent for his baby and kinjal. Rakhi agrees with him and says that she is leaving him this time but she will not leave him if anything wrong happens to kinjal.

She says that she will tell the truth to Anupama if he does not hear her words. He confesses his love for Kinjal and the baby and begs Rakhi for hiding his truth. Rakhi says because of the baby she is excusing him.

Rakhi says after learning the truth what Anupama will do with Paritosh even though she is clueless. She changes the topic and says that she is happy for him and kinjal. Paritosh stands confused. Rakhi and Paritosh see Anupama.

They see that Anupama is standing behind them. Toshu gets scared if Anupama has heard anything. They ask Anupama why she is back. She says she missed her mobile. Toshu goes to bring the mobile for Anupama.

Anupama 5 September 2022 New Twist

Anupama asks Rakhi what is the matter. Rakhi says to Anupama that she doesn’t know Paitosh well.Paritosh decide to drop Anupama.Anupama remembers what rakhi said.Anupama asks Paritosh to swear on her and tell the matter.

Paritosh convince Anupama that he can fight with the world for his baby and Kinjal.She tells that she is convinced with him.She also tells that if truth will be different from what he is saying than what she will do with him she herself is clueless.

Anupama goes from there.Toshu stands teary.Rakhi meet Kinjal and baby. She cries recalling Paritosh’s betrayal.Anupama feels sleepy but she decides to be awakened as Anu and Anuj might be waiting for her.

Vanraj gets happy. Kavya asks Vanraj why he is recording a lullaby. Vanraj tells that she could not spend time with his own children to give them a good life so he wants to now spend every moment with the baby .

Kavya gets happy seeing Vanraj happy after so long.Anuj waits for Anupama.Anupama asks him why is he still awake. Anuj says that it is very difficult to stay without her. Both hug each other and sleep.Anuj asks about the baby.

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