Kundali bhagya 5 September 2022:OH NO! Kritika finds sherlyn

Kundali Bhagya 5 september 2022

Kundali Bhagya 5 September 2022:Preeta scolds Arjun. He feels bad and tells kavya that preeta has scolded him and he is sad.

Kavya tells that preeta is wrong. She tells her that she should not scold Arjun because he is a man now. Preeta gets surprised that kavya is supporting Arjun. On the other hand, shristi speaks to Anjali and tells them that she has noticed things.

She tells that she has noticed that Arjun and Karan are the same and they have many things in common. She tells that Arjun sometimes behaves exactly like Karan and she gets emotional speaking about Karan. Anjali gets shocked.

Kundali bhagya 5 September 2022 New Twist

Anjali thinks that what will happen if she learns the truth because Srishti has already observed the similarities between Arjun and Karan. She tries to make her understand that there are maybe similarities but both of them are not the same.

On the other hand, Sherlyn forgets that she is in the Luthra house and she comes into the hall looking at her mobile she forgets that she does not live in the house anymore. Kritika watches her and she gets shocked.

Kritika finds that it is Sherlyn in the house and she tries to understand what is she doing over there and how did she get into the house without the permission of the members of the house. On the other hand, Prithvi also observes this.

Kundali bhagya 5 September 2022-Sherlyn in Danger!

Prithvi gets angry about sharing because she has not remembered that thing that she is not part of the family and the more he gets angry that what will happen if they get caught. He tries to notify her that she is in danger.

In the latest episode, preeta asks arjun to help her to decorate the house when he is there. She gets up on the ladder to fix things. Preeta falls down later but Arjun catches her and both of them look at each other for a long time.

Both of them gets emotional and Preeta starts thinking about Karan because it is exactly the same way she used to fall down and Karan use to save her. She gets emotional thinking about Karan and the memories that they have formed.

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