Zee TV Serial Meet 29th July 2022 : OH NO! manushi douts manjari


Meet hooda goes to meet her mother at her own house. Meet ahlawat and hoosiyar follows her .meet ahlawat says that he is sure that it is his wife meet hooda.

He tells that he can remember clearly that when he was married to her she used to tell him that when she used to come from a delivery would be late night.

And at that time she would take the keys from the top because everyone would be sleeping at that time. Meat says that if it is meet Hooda then surely she will take the keys from there.

But Manjari goes to take the key but she Rings the bell. Manushi thinks that who has came to their house at late night.

She opens the door and finds that it is manjuri over there.Hoosiyar tellls that he is sure that it is not his wife.

Manushi asks manjuri that why did she come to their house at late night. Manushi tells that she has decided to help her.

Manjari tells her that she wants her to contact someone who can help her to adopt a child from the orphanage so that she can make the family happy.

Later Manjari goes to her mother’s room and cries. Manushi comes over there and finds that manjuri is not over there and she start finding her.

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