Anupama:’BIG TWIST’ Pakhi addresses Anupama as a selfish mother


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. Baki confronts Anupama in front of everyone and abuses her.

Kavya tells Anu to come with her inside the room because elders talking over there. But she does not live in Anupama she says that she won’t leave her mother for there.

Pakhi gets irritated and she tells her to take her mother along with her inside the house. She says that but she did not get inside her how she should go to her own house.

Anu tells Pakhi that the woman in there orphanage used to tell that they should not insult their mother. Rakhi says that it is very good because now Anupama has an assistant who is exactly like her.

Vanraj ask her to keep quiet and shut up he says that she is crossing her limits now. She says that she won’t stop to then she will tell.

Anupama tells her daughter Anu to go inside the room. Hasmukh tells her that he will also accompany her and he will give chocolates to her.

Hasmukh also tells Pakhi that god can get insulted and say nothing but god can never see the insult of a mother.

Kavya remembers how Anupama used to help her. She goes and tells Pakhi that she has lost her mind. Kavya tells her that when Anupama had nothing she used to be with her.

Kavya tells that with Anupama was only a housewife then pakhi insulted her at that point of time and now Anupama is changed but still she is insulting her.

On the other hand Anuj thinks that Anupama is going through a lot nowadays and now he will not allow anyone to hurt her anymore.

Anupama upcoming episode spoiler alert:

Anupama tells that she has learnt to fight for her own rights and she will never lose her right.

She says that she will not leave the house and she will continue to come into that house over and over again because it is her house.

Vanraj shouts at her and tells her that she should keep quiet and stop hard drama and go away from their otherwise she will throw her out of the house.

Anuj comes into the house and overhears the conversation he gets angry on everyone he tells that they should show that how can they throw Anupam out of the house.

He challenges vanraj and tells him to dear to touch Anupama at first and then to throw her out of the house.

Anupama goes and hugs and she gets emotional says that in normal days no farmer is self-sufficient she can handle everything.

Anuj tells that Anupam is crying that means that it is not a normal day and there is problem over there and now he will take a stand for her.

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