Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 9th-16th July 2022 Weekly Update

Preeta gets emotional. Arjun tells everybody to stay at the party. But Preeta tells that she cannot mostly be in the party because she can tolerate all this drama over there.

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun asks all the guests at the party what they think about the party. Everyone tells that everyone now is emotional because of Karan. And Karan was a great star for them.

He goes away from there and he starts drinking. Rakhi goes there and asks him that why is he always angry. He tells that it is useless now because everyone is leaving the party.

She tells him that no one is leaving the party because everyone will be staying over there and enjoying the party. Arjun gets emotional and he goes away from there.

On his way he meets Mahesh and accidentally both of them hug each other. Anjali finds that Arjun is emotional and he is crying she asks him why is he crying.

He tells what has happened. He says that everything has been destroyed due to Preeta. He says that he has a family and the family is present in front of him but still he can’t enjoy with the family.

Arjun tells that now he will take revenge and destroy the life of Preeta. He goes and asks Preeta to dance with him at least for the sake of Karan and his fans.

Preeta denies dancing with him but the family members come over there and tell her that she should go for the dance at least for the sake of Karan and his fans. She agrees to dance with Arjun.

While dancing Arjun asks her whether Karan and Preeta ever danced to like this Rita remembers about her past and she gets emotional. She turns around and slaps arjun.

She tells everyone that Arjun was misbehaving with her and he was asking such questions that can be discussed in public. Everyone decides to leave the party.

Arjun gets emotional and Rakhi goes to him and tell that when Preeta is saying that something is wrong and he has done a wrong thing with her then it must be true.

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