Anupama update: Vanraj gets shocked to see Anupama,Anuj and Anu in the Shah house


Pakhi tells everyone that Adhik has also told her that Anuj and Anupama are coming there with little Anu to introduce her to the family. The door bell rings and everyone looks at the door.

Vanraj opens the door and finds that 3 of them are standing.Anu goes and hugged him and tell him that her name is Anu. Then she asks Anuj Anupama whether she can get into the house.

Anupama asks her to get into the house then both of them introduce her to everyone. Hasmukh feels happy about the matter that both of them had become Foster parents.

He blesses Anu. Anupama then introduces anu to her own children everyone feels awkward.Samar enters the house telling that are not and Anupama has sent him a message.

But he comes and finds that all of them has reached the house. Pakhi and samar go there and introduces themselves.Anu ask whether she can sit on the swing.

She dances toward this swing and by mistake, she pushes Kinjal. Lila says that it is not easy to have a child in the house and from now they have to take care.

Anupama goes and makes Anu understand that Kinjal will be giving birth to a baby.Anu goes and tells Kinjal that she will take care of her and after the baby is born she will take care of the baby and love the baby.

Kinjal holds her hand and all the children get into the room.Vanraj tense Anuj and Anupama that they have already adopted the child and they don’t have anything to say now.

He says that they have not even asked anyone before taking the step. Anuj says that it is his daughter and he can do anything for her daughter and he will not take any permission from anyone.

Vanraj tell that it is ok because they are having a child and he can understand that another is very happy because there is someone to call him a father now.

He says that everything is fine but the thing is that and the truth is that a father can’t always take care of his children it will be Anupama who has to take the burden.

Anupama tells him that he need not think about her because it is her husband’s responsibility to take care of her. Anuj also tell him that there will be no problem.

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